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How to confidently board and unlock your yacht on dark moonless nights
Climbing aboard and unlocking a vessel upon dark nights can involve considerable groping in the dark and the occasional stubbed toe.

A comfortable seat for the helmsman
Many production boats do not have a cockpit seat for the Helmsman. A conspicuous example of this is in the Westerly Berwick 31 that is a renowned and stalwart cruising vessel. This forces the helmsman to either sit on either side of the cockpit, depending on heal, or to stand for long periods.

Comfortable lifelines to lay against
Some cockpits have natural seating or resting positions that find crew leaning back on the guard rails. A cockpits arrangement leads to this position but this can be very uncomfortable after a short amount of time.

Powering and charging occasional AC devices aboard a yacht
Yachts typically operate on 12Volt DC Systems. This means that it is not possible to charge occasional personal user device that show up aboard such as mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, laptop computers, camcorders, portable video game consoles, stereos etc.

A hot shower in warm sunny environments
Water is a scarce resource and most people have reservations using the main tank's drinking reserve for personal showers. Should that be acceptable warming it can also be a challenge.

Making boarding from the dingy easier
Coming alongside and climbing aboard in a highly unstable tender is not an easy task. For people who are more senior than others, slightly heavier or are not familiar with a world in motion it can prove prohibitive. Even for born yachties it is less than convenient, is very awkward when ferrying provisions back and forth and a struggle in a chop.

Making dishwashing at sea much easier
Dishwashing is a less than pleasant daily chore at the best of times and a bane whilst making passage. Not alone is water typically restricted but there is no safe place to set the tableware down before drying.

Convenient padlock
Most all yachts are secured somewhere by traditional padlocks, either at the main hatch or cockpit lockers. Keeping track of these and laying your hands upon them when required can become a bind and matching keys to locks can be time consuming.

Tableware and glasses for long term cruising
A boat is a world which is not the most hospitable area for breakables. So some consideration is required.

Adding ventilation and lighting to the washboards
When the washboards are in place they shut off the companion way ventilation. They also cut off any view that crew below decks have of their colleagues in the cockpit.

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