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Securing 'down-below' lockers for heavy weather conditions
If a yacht is enduring heavy-weather and subject to a knock-down, internal lockers tend to spill their contents into the cabin.

Jettisoning a demasted rig in an emergency situation
If a vessel is pitch-poled or rolled it is highly unlikely that the rig will remain standing. Once dismasted the remains of the rig are tethered to the vessel by the standing rigging. The only quick way to get the rig away from the boat is to cut the shrouds and stays with a bolt cutter.

Preventing the loss of washboards during heavy weather sailing
It is critical that the main hatch be kept secured during heavy weather sailing. Yet washboards are difficult to handle in these times. Each ascent / decent of a crew member necessitates a dismantling and reassembly of the washboards. This involves replacing typically two to three washboards in the correct sequence and orientation to correctly fit. Performing this operation in difficult conditions makes it very likely that a board could be lost overboard. In particularly difficult situations, where the boat has rolled or pitch poled, the washboards tend to fall out and get lost further exacerbating a survival situation.

Preventing a failure in the fresh water pressurised system emptying the vessel's tank
Pressurised water systems load up fresh water pipes. If a joint or pipe should fail and it occurred when the crew were engaged in a distracting activity, or the engine is running loud and masking the water pump's noise, the vessel’s entire fresh water tank could be pumped out without the crew noticing.

Ensure you are alerted to bilge pump operation whilst underway
Whilst underway the sound of the automatic electric bilge pump is often drowned out by the general boat noise. This is particularly the case when operating under power.

A convenient everyday knife quick to grab in an emergency
Emergencies that require a line to cut may happen very quickly. It can take time to get that vital knife to the point where it is required.

Preparation for the event of steering mechanism failure
A steerage mechanism failure is high unlikely with tiller bases systems and if it does happen may be easily addressed. However wheel based systems add a layer of complexity to the system and many more moving parts that are subject to failure.

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