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Precautionary hull mat to use in the event of a holing
In a collision or grounding against rocks the hull may be holed.

Precautionary steps should windows or portholes break during heavy weather sailing
Large ports or windows are vulnerable in storm conditions. Should the vessel fall badly off a wave, or a heavy broaching wave fall directly upon them, it is possible for the weight of water to smash or drive a window or porthole through.

Keeping the anchor and chain aboard
Anchors and chains spill out fast. So fast in deep anchorages that the entire chain may shoot out past the ‘bitter end’ before you can react. Thus the anchor and chain have gone, or are deep-sixed in sailing parlance.

Assuring the supply of daily drinking water for deep ocean passages
One of the worst deep ocean fears is to run out of drinking water. Should the vessels main water tank become lost or contaminated, or the crew have to enter the life raft, providing an adequate amount of drinking water to sustain life can be challenging.

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