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Mounting a collapsible radar reflector
Small boats cannot rely upon the larger ships watch seeing them, especially at night. But traditional collapsible radar reflectors are a nuisance aboard. Their edges eat through anything that rubs against them, especially so once they oxidise and become pitted, and they look highly unattractive.

Saving relay display costs when installing yacht electronic systems
Electronic systems for yachts are highly expensive. Worse you have to pay twice for the display units as they are required both in the cockpit and below decks at the navigation station etc. This repeating of display units adds dramatically to the system and installation costs.

General all rounder box for the vessel
There are a multitude of purposes that require a box on a vessel. Yet a box consumes a lot of storage space on a vessel making it illogical.

Selecting the correct rode and ground tackle for your vessel
Investing in the correct rode and ground tackle is not straight forward. There are a large range of different anchors and rode and chain sizing’s.

Guaranteeing the anchor comes up the correct way to sit in bow roller
When hauling in the ground tackle it is a matter of good luck that it comes up with the anchor head orientated in the correct way to sit on the bow roller.

The best all round bucket for a boat
A bucket is an invaluable resource on any vessel. However they are unwieldy to store and metal buckets are prone to damage both themselves, or anything they come in contact with. They also rust quickly. A plastic bucket is an alternative but they are rarely strong enough for a long life aboard a yacht.

A Battery meter that is both cheap and practical!
How to keep an eye on the state of your battery at all times, at rest, in use and when charging.

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