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Drying oil skins and clothes

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What is the issue?
Sailing is very far removed from the images of bikini clad ladies on sun drenched decks that the media presented us with. Cold wet clothes and oilskins are more the active boater’s fare and the need to dry them. However wet lockers are primarily designed to trap the run off from wet oil skins and little else.

Why address this?
Damp or even wet clothes are uncomfortable especially so in cold environments.

How to address this?
Utilise the engine heat to assist warming of the wet locker.

If it is feasible place the drying locker just beside the engine. Alternatively, and again this will require close engine proximity, take an exhaust pipe through to the locker to assist drying.

An open mesh wire tray can be mounted above the engine so that small items such as gloves, socks etc can be left there to dry or warm.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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