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Storing the Mainsail with a string and a shackle

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What is the issue?
Offers a simple cheap alternative to the lazy jack system of mainsail storage.

Why address this?
This simplifies mainsail storage especially when single-handed.

How to address this?
Attach about 30cm of strong string to the first reefing point on the leech of the mainsail. Tie the other end to a small shackle that can run freely on the main topping lift. (The length of string may need adjustment to suit your boat.) When dropping the mainsail, the string creates a loop in the lower section of the sail. As the rest of the sail is lowered, fold it into this loop. This is best achieved working from the aft end of the sail. Finally, apply sail ties and sail cover! Essentially what happens is that the lower loop of the sail acts almost like a bag for the rest of the sail. Unbelievably simple, cheap and effective!

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Originally contributed to a sailing magazine, author unknown.

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