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Reducing varnished brightwork maintenance

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What is the issue?
Most yachts have varnished wooden details above decks. This degrades quickly under strong sun (ultraviolet) light and damp conditions. Once the varnished surface degrades the wood is susceptible to water damage very quickly and once this happens you have lost it.

Why address this?
Caring for wooden detailing preserves the yachts appearance. This is important not only for pride of ownership but it also affects the vessels valuation.

How to address this?
Make a set of covers for your bright work and cover it up.

A tiller sock, as presented in figure 1, can be dropped in place the moment you berth or drop the hook, likewise for the main coach roof grab rails. Main companionway covers as presented in figure 2 only take a few minutes to set in place when you are leaving the vessel or in a marina.

They can save hours of brightwork maintenance if not prevent irrecoverable damage.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, with thanks to Sea Chest, Kilmore Quay.

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