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Keeping a wintered boat in good condition

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What is the issue?
Hard standing boats have to endure the full force of the winter elements. In addition they are typically stored in industrial areas or near towns. This causes a build up coat of grime and pollutants from nearby business or, in my case, I had the vessel blackened by the coal burnt through the winter by a small town.

Why address this?
These elements and build up will degrade the vessel and result in many spring days of recovery work.

How to address this?
Protect your vessel by covering it with winter oversheets.
Plastic tarpaulins are ridiculously inexpensive these days and there is no excuse not to cover the vessel to avoid this degradation and refit clean up.
Interior ventilation however is an absolute must when covering a vessel for an extended period to prevent mould. The winter oversheets have to be kept off the deck to enable a ventilating airflow to enter the craft and the cover must be raised.
This may be cost effectively addressed by utilising plastic domestic waste pipes to construct a framework. A simple example is presented in figures 1 and 2, presenting how this may be stood on the side decks securely attached to the stanchions by cable ties. Domestic waste pipes do not rot and can be used year after year once the frame is built.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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