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Protecting the bow from anchor strikes

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What is the issue?
Some anchors have a tendency to swing back and strike the fiberglass underneath the anchor rollers when being weighed. This leads to the gelcoat getting scuffed and chipped.

Why address this?
This will not only look bad but lead to further degradation.

How to address this?
Protect the bow by implementing a stainless steel anchor plate as shown below.

Vessels with bow protectors
Photo: Michael Harpur

The plate can be easily set in place by degreasing and keying the gel coat where it will be placed. The plate can then be fixed using two-part epoxy, and if you wish to strengthen it further by the addition of bolts.

Unprotected bow
Photo: Michael Harpur

When setting off it is also prudent to tie up the heads of articulating anchors, such as a CQR, to prevent it swinging about, not to mention the noise it causes.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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