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Protecting the topsides from the mooring buoy

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What is the issue?
Once the moorings have been picked up and belayed the vessel has a tendency to run on pulling the mooring buoy tight against the hull. This also may happen whilst unattended on moorings. If wind and current are turning about or working in opposition yachts have a tendency to press forward against a mooring buoy.

Why address this?
Mooring buoys that have protruding metal parts can easily scratch and mark the topsides.

How to address this?
Pad all the metal parts on the buoy, see figure 1.
Whip the eye until it is entirely covered with line and then buff it with a steel brush so there are no hard whip edges protruding. Cushion any further metal parts with a fabric matt as appropriate so that the top sides can not touch any metal object. Hard mooring lines can also mark and chafe the gel coat and it makes to pad the line also.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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