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How to whip

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What is the issue?
Whipping is a another line handling technique that requires some learning and time to implement.

Why address this?
Whipping is an excellent way to finish off rope ends, secure items to a line or join two objects. You only need to do it once to learn the technique.
I wholeheartedly recommend learning how to whip as it was one of the simplest and most useful, if not even decorative pieces, of line handling I learned during my circumnavigation.

How to address this?
Follow the images as presented in figures 1-5.
I personally always whipped very tightly. In fact I am not sure if I do so unnecessarily tight. However anything I whipped on never came off. Even my whips to rigging took on the hold of a spot weld so I cannot say I would change the approach.

If you plan to whip tight I recommend using a sailing glove as you whip around. When pulling through the end piece use a clove hitch on a screwdriver as presented in figure 3 to make it easier.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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