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Chile concarne, perhaps the best tinned food product for sailors

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What is the issue?
Tinned food products have an excellent shelf-life making them an ideal food for the long distance cruiser. However when you rely upon them extensively, irrespective of the food product you happen to cooking, they all begin to taste like the tin can they came in.

Why address this?
Food aboard is perhaps the most pleasurable aspect of sailing and having a product that is enjoyable, has an inherent long life and is easy to prepare is more than beneficial to the sea going life.

How to address this?
I can wholeheartedly recommend storing up on chilli concarne. I suspect other spicy foods also such as tinned Indian foods would be another excellent choice.

We did not have a refrigerator aboard and when involved in long legs that were of a duration measured in weeks, crossing the Pacific for instance, we tended to rely upon tinned food a lot.

After doing this for some time we soon began to taste nothing but the tin can itself and boat meals became a bit dull. It was during this time we noticed that we somehow never tired of chilli concarne and always looked forward to it.

I am not sure if it was the spicy nature of chilli concarne that covered the taste of the tin, or the fact that it was very easy to enhance by adding fresh spices, or the meaty comfort food that it is by nature, but it was the only tinned item that we never tired of.

It is also a very quick and easy hot meal to prepare, as all that is required as an accompaniment is rice. This is another long life food that stores small making it ideal aboard.

If you are stocking up certainly go for chilli concarne, and I would also try other spicy tinned dishes that you can boost by adding fresh spice and herbs to.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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