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Extending the motoring range without modifying the vessel or consuming space by carrying additional fuel cans

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What is the issue?
Extended cruises require more than a typical yachts fuel tank capacity and it is often only a few particular legs of a voyage that require distance. Capacity can be augmented with fuel or ‘Jerry Cans’ but these consume valuable space. Worse this is equally the case when the cans are not serving a purpose the empty containers still have to be stored.

Why address this?
Boat space is critical but having the flexibility of additional diesel capacity on tap is more than useful to extend your reach.

How to address this?
Utilise collapsible fuel containers to extend your fuel storage. Collapsible fuel containers compress into a fraction of their space when packed away unused. Whilst on passage the main tanks should be continuously replenished by the fuel in the collapsible containers. Reducing the amount of space taken up as you go along, only making it an inconvenience during the initial part of the voyage.

This approach provides for the best of both worlds. The vessel can dramatically increase its carrying capacity when required and yet not suffer the reduction in space when not. It should also be noted this flexibility also:
(i) Enables a vessel to fill up when fuel is available, reliable and economical.
(ii)The additional range may allow a passage to continue if becalmed.
(iii) Availing of the shortest route to a destination if a weather window opens up.
(iv) Avoid a port call to refuel and associated schedule delay.
(v) Avoid manhandling large and unwieldy jerry cans on route.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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