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Anchoring to avoid biting insects

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What is the issue?
Biting insects can be a scourge in certain sailing geographies.

Why address this?
One of the joys of sailing is that you can get a way from bugs to some extent, making your environment that much more enjoyable.

How to address this?
Anchor off as much as you possibly can and well as far off the shore line as is comfortable.

Avoid narrow, tree enclosed river anchorages that trap the air, or anchorages right on top of mangroves. These are thick with insect life. Pick areas where there is a strong likelihood of a breeze such as anchoring off a stretch of beach with an open valley before it as opposed to a sheer bluff.

If a choice of anchorages is available go for one that is downwind of land. Keep insects upwind wherever possible as they have an unparalleled sense of scent. Given any lead they will come and find you. These anchorages typically have the added benefit of offering the most protection.

If anyone can add further anchoring advice to avoid bugs please feel free.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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