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Reducing the power draw of the vessels anchor light

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What is the issue?
Yachts lying to anchor must light up an anchor light. Mast based anchor lights are geared towards delivering a clear bright light that can be seen for some distance in busy waterways. Maintaining these lights throughout the night draws a lot of power.

Why address this?
Efficiently managing the vessels limited power resources is central to those who live on yachts for extended periods. The power consumption of mast based anchor lights will require significant resources to replace the power draw each day.

How to address this?
Mast based anchor lights are geared towards delivering the maximum requirement. Yet most yachts anchor in crowded secluded anchorages where there is a known abundance of yachts at anchor and a very strong beam is not necessary. In these conditions one can hoist a temporary low wattage anchor light. This draws dramatically less power from the boats resources to provide the same level of protection. These can be either bought or very simply manufactured aboard.

If electing for a self-build you will require the following items: a low wattage 12v bulb, a length of cable, a plug suitable for your boats power socket, some silicon sealant, and an old salt cellar (a glass jar and lid will suffice but the lid will rust in time, whereas a salt cellar provides both a lens and a stainless steel top). Drill a hole through the stainless steel lid to allow the cable to pass through. Connect the plug to the cable and insert it through the lid. Solder the bulb to the cable end and seal the pass-through of the cable and lid with silicone to make it water tight. Screw the lens into the lid. Test, then plug in at dusk.

This alternative delivers a more targeted anchor light requirement for yachts lying in well populated anchorage without consuming large quantities of battery power. Additionally, a small convenient low wattage light lends itself to many roles upon a vessel.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, with thanks to Johnny and Emer, Yacht Pala.

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