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A convenient everyday knife quick to grab in an emergency

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What is the issue?
Emergencies that require a line to cut may happen very quickly. It can take time to get that vital knife to the point where it is required.

Why address this?
As in most crisis situations, preplanning and preparedness can cost very little and make a dramatic difference to the outcome of an emergency.

How to address this?
Fix a sheath knife in a convenient location such as in the companionway, presented in figure 1, where it is quickly accessible in an emergency. I would also place a boat whistle in the same location.

We carried a large diving knife under the spray dodger for our circumnavigation. However it was too big and clumsy to use in daily activities and just sat there, being of a low grade stainless steel, developing a coat of rust.

As I never used it, I doubt that I would have automatically thought of it in an emergency. Consequently a more useful knife that will be reached for on a daily basis, situated in a location that is also more protected from the elements, as in figure 1, would be a much better approach.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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