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Precautionary steps should windows or portholes break during heavy weather sailing

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What is the issue?
Large ports or windows are vulnerable in storm conditions. Should the vessel fall badly off a wave, or a heavy broaching wave fall directly upon them, it is possible for the weight of water to smash or drive a window or porthole through.

Why address this?
The breakage of a window or porthole breaches the vessels watertight integrity placing the vessel in grave jeopardy in any sort of seaway. The windows have to be sealed up as quickly as possible.

How to address this?
Make a set of two to three emergency boards with bolts, wing nuts and strong backs to fit the largest windows on the vessel. Add a rubber mat to help to create a seal as presented in figure 1.

Place them in a location that is easily accessible should they ever be called upon.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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