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Releasing sheered off bolt with a 'easy-outs'

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What is the issue?
Bolts and nuts, like most every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on boats due to the challenging sea going environment. Apply just a touch too much pressure and the heads can sheer off leaving a seized and often inaccessible bolt shaft.

Why address this?
A sheered off bolt can halt a project, cause frustration and cost money.

How to address this?
Drill and hammer in an 'easy out' to remove the sheered off bolt.
Easy outs are small hardened bits with tapered left-hand threads. The tops of each bit have a square head to support turning with a flat or adjustable wrench. Because the bits are tapered a single bit may be hammered and screw tightly into a range of holes.
The process of removing a sheered off bolt with a stub-remover is as follows:
1/ File or grind the remaining head of the bolt until it is flat.
2/ Locate and mark the bolt's center with a center-punch.
3/ Create a starter-hole with a small drill bit
4/ Follow this by drilling in the hole for the stub remover. This should be a size or two smaller than the diameter of the bolt shaft.
5/ Hammer the appropriate sized stub remover into the hole until it is securely wedged.
6/ Turn anti-clockwise with an adjustable wrench. The stub remover should dig in tight and un-turn the bolt.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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