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Optimising yachts with a bowsprits for marina berthing

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What is the issue?
Classic yachts with extended bowsprits look absolutely beautiful. The issue with the vessel is once they berth in a marina. As the marina has to provide a berth that caters for the vessels entire length, they also have to typically charge the cost of the larger berth the vessel occupies. This means boats with extended bowsprits are highly expensive vessel to berth in a marina. Although you may have a small or medium sized sailing vessel, in this particular instance your will receive the bill of a very large boat.

Why address this?
All boats reside in marinas from time to time. This understandable but unfortunate additional cost will grievously add a significant ammount to the vessels annual outgoings.

How to address this?
Set in place a hinged bowsprit arrangement so that it may be hoisted when in marinas as presented in figure 1 – 3.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, with thanks to Mary Ellen K, Kilmore Quay.

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