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About Us

eOceanic uses a 'question and answer' format to help transfer information quickly and efficiently. It is only fitting that we use the same approach to help us answer the key questions you might have about us:

What’s this all about?

At eOceanic we are passionate about boating. We believe the ocean holds a special place within us all. For few amongst us, upon first seeing it, do not feel our shoulders ease back as we are drawn to survey its vast expanse and take in deep its fresh air. It is a place where we know we are free, where we come to share good times with friends and family, or just come to be alone with nature at its most dynamic.

Yet, we believe it’s most profound rewards are reserved for the oddballs, the misfits and adventurous dreamers who are called to set out in a boat. Those who learn to work hand in hand with its natures, harness its power and skilfully make way through its push and pull, shoals and shallows. Those who take on quests that are sometimes a little bigger than themselves, and in running the gauntlet, have some thrills, some spills, and discover some earthly paradises along the way.

We believe that they should have the best possible sea-going intelligence available. That, when provided with this, problems are avoided, confidence and capability are built more quickly and that boating is safer and more pleasurable. And by being entirely open with this information the benefits of boating may be seen by more people and their engagement is more likely to be intelligence-driven from the outset.

We believe that its gift, the true heart of boating, is a life well lived enjoying the best of emotions. For each measured adventure afloat is a reawakening of a deep and natural self-reliance that is within us, individually or as a team. An ancient fulfilling sense of liberation to embrace the world and its possibilities anew. A reminder of who we are, how we are meant to be, who we are meant to be with, in a place where we can be, once again, at home and free to roam.

It is because we believe all of this that we have made it our mission to provide empowerment at sea as there has never been before.

OK, but what is it that you actually do?

We have made our beliefs real by building the finest seagoing intelligence platform available in eOceanic and continually extending its coverage and repository of sailing experience.

This is a platform that has been designed from the ground up to collect and ideally illustrate boating information, knowledge and insight. eOceanic details coastlines, havens, optimal coastal cuts and routes as well as collecting practical personal experience that helps in handling and making oneself at home in a sea-going vessel. To this we add charts and realtime data sets so the best decisions are easier to see. All of these various forms of data are then standardised, given structure and brought alive with imagery and technology so that it is a joy to engage.

We then fully realise our vision by making eOceanic’s information available for free, for the common good.

If you would like to know how we came to be, feel free to check out our Origin Story External link.