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River Yealm, Devon (South Coast), England
The Yealm River is entered from the northeast corner of Wembury Bay, a large coastal bight situated close east of Plymouth Sound. The river offers a range of mooring, anchoring and drying out opportunities along the river and its tributary creeks in a beautiful natural setting.Complete protection may be had from all conditions in the River Yealm and especially so the further a boat proceeds upriver. Access is straightforward as although there are outlying dangers and a sandbar to be negotiated most all dangers are marked by transits and buoys so they may be easily circumvented. Deeper draft ve... More »

Axmouth, Devon (South Coast), England
Axmouth lies between Beer Head and Haven Cliff where the Axe River enters the sea. Close within the river mouth is a landing quay with the pontoons of the Axe Yacht Club opposite where visiting boats can make arrangments to dry out.The river berths provide complete protection from all conditions. The shallow entrance, over a drying sandbar, however, requires some attentive navigation. Small and narrow it only permits access to smaller vessels of a moderate draft that are prepared to make an approach around high water. It may only be addressed in settled or offshore conditions. ... More »

Folkestone, Kent, England
Folkestone is a port town on the English Channel situated about five miles westward of Dover. A former cross-Channel ferry terminal, it is now used mainly by small fishing vessels and small boats that can dry out.The harbour provides a tolerable anchorage in settled or offshore conditions in the deeper waters behind its long pier or in the adjacent bay. Best protection can be had by those who can take to the mud in the Outer Harbour. Access from seaward is straightforward provided that attention is paid to the rocks that lay off to the east of the harbour. During easterly gales, it is dangerou... More »

Dover, Kent, England
Dover is a town and major ferry port overlooking the Strait of Dover in southeast England. The port of Dover is the most well-known ferry port dealing with cars, coaches and lorries travelling to and from the Continent and beyond but it also has a large and welcoming marina for leisure craft.Tucked away within an inner harbour, and behind its substantial breakwaters, the marina offers complete protection. Safe access is available night or day, at any stage of the tide and in all reasonable conditions.... More »

Ramsgate, Kent, England
Ramsgate is a coastal town situated three miles south of North Foreland the southern entrance point into the Thames Estuary. It has one of the largest marinas on the English south coast, and the Port of Ramsgate provides a cross-Channel ferry service for both passengers and freight.Tucked away within the inner harbour, and behind its substantial breakwaters, the marina offers complete protection. Safe access is available night or day, at any stage of the tide and in all reasonable conditions.... More »

Doolin Pier (Ballaghaline Quay), County Clare, Ireland
Doolin Pier, also known as Ballaghaline Quay, is situated on the west coast of Ireland's County Clare, close south of Doolin Point on the mainland side of the southern entrance into Galway Bay. The pier lies in a cove that is protected by a small islet. The pier is used by ferry services to the Aran Islands, local coastal rescue services, fishing vessels and local small craft.Save for the protection of the islet, Doolin Pier is completely open to westerly conditions and exposed to the full force of Atlantic swell. It provides an exposed anchorage in offshore winds northeast around through east... More »

Cahersiveen Marina, County Kerry, Ireland
Cahersiveen Marina is located on Ireland's west coast, on the south side of the entrance to Dingle Bay and two miles upriver from Knightstown, Valentia. It is a small but well-sheltered marina close to the provincial town of Cahersiveen. The marina provides complete protection and safe access is available in all reasonable conditions. Although completely protected within the harbour and river area, no approach should be made to Valentia Harbour during northwest gales. A heavy sea breaks right across the harbour entrance and you should not attempt either of the entrances that lie on either side... More »

Rabbit Island, County Cork, Ireland
Rabbit Island is small bay on the southwest coast of Ireland, just outside the western entrance to Glandore and north of Rabbit Island, in Co. Cork. It offers a secluded nature anchorage with nothing but shelter from swell and wind. There is reasonable shelter from the prevailing south-westerly wind, and High and Low islands to the south of the entrance dampen the swell entering the anchorage. The little bay offers good holding in what is thought to be sand/gravel. Access is straightforward from the east/northeast.... More »

Lyme Regis, Dorset, England
Lyme Regis is a seaside town with a tidal harbour at the head of Lyme Bay on the south coast. It provides seasonal pontoons, moorings for visiting boats in its outer harbour, and the potential to dry out in its inner harbour or anchor outside.This is a good berth in suitable or settled conditions but strong southerly and particularly south-easterly winds send in an uncomfortable surge into the harbour and make the outer harbour area completely untenable. Although subject to draft considerations, access is straightforward in suitable weather conditions, night or day. ... More »

West Bay (Bridport), Dorset, England
West Bay, also known as Bridport, is a small harbour at the head of Lyme Bay on the south coast. It provides seasonal pontoons for visiting boats with a moderate draft in its outer harbour.This is a good berth in all but strong southerly and particularly south-easterly winds which, when approaching force 4 or more, send in an uncomfortable surge or swell that makes the outer harbour untenable. A berth further inside the harbour may be possible during these conditions depending on availability. Although subject to draft constraints, access is straightforward in suitable weather conditions, nig... More »