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Coastal Descriptions

Coastal Overview for Malin Head to Strangford Lough
This is the primary coastal description and set of waypoints for the area between Malin Head to Strangford Lough. The detailed coastal description may be used by those planning to come closer inshore or to approach one of the useful passage havens that are listed along the length of the route. The sequence of description is from west to east turning southward or coastal clockwise. • North of the Garvan Islands and inside Inishtrahull• Inside Rathlin Island• Inside the Maidens • Outside Hunter Rock• Outsid... get full information »

Coastal Routes and Cuts

Lough Swilly
This is a safe run down Lough Swilly and includes waypoints used the Lough Swilly Yacht Club to lead into Fahan Marina. The first part of run up Lough Swilly is in the well-marked deepwater shipping channel that may be used at any stage of the tide. But shortly after Buncrana, the route leads into the Fahan Channel which has a bar across its entrance with only 1-metre MLWS. Most medium draft vessels intending on continuing to the marina will require an arrival at this point of the route to be timed to high water ± 2 hours to cross the bar.... get full information »

International Routes

Kilmore Quay to the Isles of Scilly
This is a route from Kilmore Quay on the southeast corner of Ireland to the Isles of Scilly. It is a direct route passing to the east of the Saltee Islands to the deepwater anchorage of New Grimsby Sound, between Bryher and Tresco, in the north end of the Isles of Scilly.... get full information »


Milford Haven to Kilmore Quay
This route takes a vessel from Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, Wales, to Kilmore Quay in Wexford Ireland. It is optimised for a vessel that can make up to 5 knots through the water so that the arrival at Kilmore Quay has a favourable approach tide over St Patrick's Bridge, or if progress is delayed to pass in using Saltee Sound.... get full information »