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The Bight

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The Bight is a traditional mooring area situated immediately within the estuary of the River Exe on England’s south coast. It offers visitor moorings provided by the Exeter City Council.

Tucked away inside the river estuary The Bight offers good protection from all conditions. However, currents run strong here and boats will most likely be tide rode. Daylight approaches are straightforward as although the Exe entrance is challenging, it is well marked with lit lateral marks. However, as it has to be approached near high water and in daylight, some planning is required to time the approach appropriately.
Please note

The entrance of the Exe should not be approached in any developed southwest around to southeast conditions, particularly on the ebb. Once inside the river mouth, the body of water in the estuary is largely protected.

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Keyfacts for The Bight
Marked or notable walks in the vicinity of this locationPleasant family beach in the area

Remote or quiet secluded locationVisitors moorings available, or possibly by club arrangementBeach or shoreline landing from a tenderScenic location or scenic location in the immediate vicinityA secure location

Note: can get overwhelmed by visiting boats during peak periodsNote: strong tides or currents in the area that require considerationNote: harbour fees may be chargedLittle air protection

Protected sectors

Current wind over the protected quadrants
Minimum depth
3 metres (9.84 feet).

3 stars: Attentive navigation; daylight access with dangers that need attention.
4 stars: Good; assured night's sleep except from specific quarters.

Last modified
November 7th 2018